Cannabinoid extracts and by-products for medicinal uses

Exploring and expanding the medical uses for cannabis is an important focus for ICC.

As well as making potentially valuable contributions to medical science, commercially it is an area with significant potential. Cannabinoids have already been shown to combat diseases and minimize a number of different symptoms.

The cannabinoids are extracted by the Co2 supercritical method, guaranteeing higher quality and maximizing its properties without using chemicals.

We will produce high quality certified organic hemp to produce GMP grade pure CBD (95% +) crystals. In the meantime, our R&D team is working to develop pharmaceutical cannabis products adapted for a varied and changing international demand.

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Research and development is vitally important to ICC’s business as it continually works to improve its product.

The Company employs leading agricultural experts to spearhead research into crop cultivation.

They are looking to improve and refine the crop’s medical and commercial properties.

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ICC has been carefully selected and licensed by the uruguayan government to produce and distribute recreational cannabis. This is the first license of its kind, anywhere in the world.

The government has made public that the estimated recreational demand in Uruguay is 26.5 tons.

It is estimated that regular users of recreational cannabis (at least once a week) are 55,200. 92,300 uruguayans have used recreational cannabis more than once in the past year.

This estimate is based solely on the number of regular users, allowing them a legal maximum of 40 grams per month (480 grams per year).

Sales will be made through authorized pharmacies directly to registered users.


Hemp is cannabis that has no psychoactive effects. Its definition varies depending on the country's current legislation; in Uruguay, and the maximum allowed is 1% THC.

It is an incredibly versatile material – physically durable, nutritious and sustainable, it has hundreds of uses from building materials to clothing and food products.

ICC is working to expand understanding of the advantages of hemp by cultivating and crafting high quality industrial hemp products.

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Grow is an ICC brand producing hemp-based materials for food and fashion. Products include clothes, chocolate, energy drinks, tea, soda, cooking oil, shampoo, soap and cosmetics.

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