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ICC is the first integrated cannabis company in South America and already a world leader in this field.

We are focused on becoming world´s leading medical cannabis group and a key player in the global supply chain operating from a very stable, progressive and low cost base

Current stock information

ICC is the first recreational cannabis producer to list on the TSX Venture Exchange.

ICC Milestones


  • April: ICC constituted


  • October 2015: Grant license to produce and sell recreational Cannabis. Being the first license of its kind in the world.


  • February: First recreational production starts.
  • April: Grant license to produce hemp (more than 440,000 sq ft)
  • May: More than 70,000 sq ft Greenhouse for recreational cannabis construction begins.
  • August:
    • Hemp field acquired and conditioned. (102 acres)
    • License to extract cannabinoids. (102 acres)
  • September: Private Placement, C$ 13mm raised.
  • November:
    • Recreational Greenhouse set up finished (more than 70,000 sq ft).
    • Commence trading on the TSXV at the opening of the markets on under the symbol “ICC”
  • December:
    • Incorporation of additional land 22 acres (totalizing 123 acres)
    • 100 kg of recreational cannabis ready to sell


  • February
    • Soil preparation for large-scale outdoor hemp growing underway.
    • Successful transition to new state-of-the-art facility and production ramp-up. The new greenhouse allows the company to produce 170 Kgs per month during the first year, and 830 Kgs per month at full capacity.
  • March
    • Construction of first greenhouse (21527 sq ft) at hemp site begins.
    • CBD extraction lab set-up
  • April: Recreational segment expected to be break-even on a cash-flow basis.
  • May: Growth of 4000 hemp plants begins inside the new greenhouse
  • September
    • Sowing of at least 15 hectares.
    • Extraction Lab where all hemp will be processed ready to start working.
  • October: First harvest at hemp & medicinal site (4000 plants)
  • November: First CBD extraction from the 4000 harvested plants
  • December
    • First CBD products ready for international sales.
    • 2 tonnes of recreational cannabis sold in Uruguay by the end of 2017.


  • March: First large-scale outdoor harvest.
  • April: Extraction of CBD with harvested outdoor grown begins, in addition to the extraction done with indoor grown that continues.

Board of directors

Ravi Sood

Ravi Sood


Principal investor on several emerging markets businesses and currently serves as a director and chairman of Feronia, Galane Gold and Transeastern Power Trust. Previous founder and CEO of Navina Asset Management, a global asset management firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Michael Galego

Michael Galego


Lawyer with extensive M&A and corporate finance experience including leading multi-billon dollar transactions in South America. Significant public company experience as a senior officer and/or director of several companies, including Pacific Exploration & Production, CGX Energy Inc., Woulife Mining Corp.

Michael Young

Michael Young


Mr. Young has extensive senior level executive management and trading experience in the Canadian and U.S. capital markets. Throughout his career in finance and banking, he has built a strong network of Canadian, American and international investors. Most recently he held the position of Managing Director and Co-Head of Trading for GMP Securities in Toronto.

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Investor Relations